Sunday, 15 June 2008

Dorset Art Weeks - the aftermath

I took the exhibitions down exactly a week ago with a mixture of emotions. Happy because they have been so succesful and sad to finish because it has been fun to meet so many lovely new people in Dorset and afar. I also met two people that read this blog - hello Sue and Viv!!

I really enjoyed visiting as many other exhibitions as I could and saw some great work - Dorset is truly a talented county.

Today we walked up Cadbury Hill and saw the Montgomery Jerseys grazing at the top together with the friesians looking majestic in the sun. It gave me a strong urge to paint. Now I am painting for Baxters gallery at the end of June,the Quartz festival in October and
'Emporium' The Fifth Penny Brohn Cancer Care Invitation Art Exhibition along with work by Prince Charles and Banksy!

The two remaining originals and many prints are now on show at Clavelshay Barn Restaurant near North Petherton, Somerset as well as the ongoing exhibition of prints at the Mill at Rode near Frome, Somerset, Wallaces Farm Shop in Hemyock, Devon and the Udder Farm Shop in East Stour, Dorset.

The last excitement is I think that I am going to be in Farm Life in Farmers Weekly next Friday. I was interviewed by Hannah Velten who herself has written a book about cows called Cow which is just published and available on amazon (click link to find). I shockingly reveal that I don't know much about cows really, or farming come to that - so why I am in Farmers Weekly is a mystery!