Friday, 18 October 2013

Networking and community

I have just been to the inaugural meeting of the Sherborne Artists networking group @netWORKartSherb. Being an artist is sometimes a lonely old life and it is god to get out and meet up with other like-minded people.

I took my puppy for moral support and spent half the time trying to stop her chewing up the furniture. The other half of the time was spent finding out about the new Sherborne Community Arts Centre which is hopefully being built near Sherborne House, a beautiful part of our ancient town. It sounds like a really worthwhile project - but they have lots of funds to raise in order to build it.

To do my little part I am selling my Christmas Cards this year in aid of the Arts Centre Fund -
You can buy them here

I hope they raise the money. It would be great for Sherborne to have a art hub like this for workshops, performances, exhibitions and to build on the increasingly arty vibe that Sherborne posesses.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cows on canvas gets all in a fluster

Well - I have had a busy time of it recently. Not painting much at the moment as I have got myself all involved with trying to stop a large supermarket being built out of town in our lovely town of Sherborne. The general consensus is that if we let them come it will ruin our historic and vibrant high street. (Oh and we have a puppy too which I am trying to train not to get all covered in paint in my studio!)

So suddenly, after being a bit half-hearted about these issues - being generally in agreement with shopping locally and supporting local producers - I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and GIVE UP SUPERMARKETS FOR LENT!! Day 5 today and going well. In fact, it is better so far - better food, more friendly shopping experiences and educating my kids about local food production - all positive stuff.

So how will this affect my painting? Well, hopefully the passion that I have for supporting local producers will translate a frenzy of painting local cows. Can't wait to start getting back in  the studio soon - just wish the supermarket menace would go away.....