Thursday, 18 November 2010

Wonderful cows

Just been up to Shropshire for the weekend to celebrate 40th birthdays - went to Attingham Park. AMAZING cows - Belted Galloways and Longhorns. Obviously very used to people as they barely flinched when we took photos of them. Hoping to do some large paintings of them in the new year.

Monday, 13 September 2010

It's dogs and sheep on canvas too!

Well, the kids are back at school and my days are my own again. Although, I'm sure 9am til 3.30 pm is shorter than it used to be. I've hardly got time to gossip at the school gates and eat chocolate without children wanting some, let alone pick up a paintbrush, before it's time to go back again.

So, this academic year I seem to have started the year with labradors and sheep. I am painting the paintings that I have promised people over the years and never had time to do. But all that cow painting has stood me in good stead as it seems that labrador fur is not that dissimilar to cow and I am hoping that sheep wool is similar to a curly faced bull.

Then it will be back to painting the cows -some are currently on show at the King's Arms Charlton Horethorne, Baxters Gallery, Dartmouth and the Cottage gallery in Wedmore.
I've got to go and find some Dorset Longhorns down near Dorchester, some Highlands up on the Mendips and some Holsteins up on the hills near Sherborne. I've got some new walking boots so there is nothing to stop me now.....

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Dorset Art Weeks - 11 days away

Oh my goodness. Studio still not quite finished. Still need stairs to get in to it from outside. I phoned the stair man today and he promises it will be ready in time. I hope he is right! Otherwise I may have to have the exhibition in the garden!

I have been sent wonderful photos of some cows in France by my card printer that I am painting at the moment. They are ginger, like me, and very grumpy looking (hopefully not like me).

There are so many cute calves around at the moment that I am desperate to paint.... if only there were more hours in the day...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

studio nearly finished

It is been a long hard winter in Dorset - especially living in a rented house with night storage heaters - what a waste of time they are. Anyway, rant, rant, grumble, grumble - the sun is now shining and the daffodils are emerging and all is progressing in the new studio. I have a floor and white walls and light switches (no lights yet) and .......... heating !!!!!!! So excited about that.
I haven't moved in yet but will be doing in about three weeks. Then I have to PAINT, PAINT PAINt - cows - not walls ready for Dorset Art Weeks which starts at the end of May.
I'll post a photo soon.