Thursday, 24 May 2012

dorset art weeks 2012

Back from London and straight into Dorset Art Weeks - bit of a contrast from London, but lovely to have an exhibition in my studio again. For a start, it means it gets a massive spring clean, wall paint and all the cows get to have their spaces on the walls rather than tucked away in bubble wrap in a corner.

I have an article all about me and my cows in Dorset Magazine this month which is very exciting for me (fame at last).  Hoping that lots of people come and visit me in my studio over the next few weeks. I am open on 26th/27th May, June 1st - 5th and June 8th - 10th. I'm also looking forward to going to visit some other artists in between opening days.

My cows visit Sherborne Castle in my Dorset Art Weeks exhibition!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Underground cows

One day to go until the London exhibition and I am busy making my labels for the paintings. Here's another flavour of the cows (please excuse the turn of phrase, all vegetarians) that will be on show - this is the  underground cows collection:

Marble and Archie

Camden Cow