Thursday, 20 November 2008

Beautiful Beasts

My children are revving up for Christmas, coming home with partly made angel costumes and orders for cakes for the christmas fair. In the midst of this there has been a flurry of paintings done for the Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton "Beasts" Christmas Exhibition. I am amused to think of patients, relatives, friends and staff being looked down on by five fuzzy cows in the hospital corridors. I hope they cheer people up when they are in hospital over Christmas.

The cows are also appearing on the inside of Honeybuns gorgeous gluten-free cake wrappers ( the cranberry and pecan flapjack ones to be precise!). I met Emma who runs Honeybuns the other day for a cup of tea - she is an inspirational business woman and a very lovely person too!! Also appearing on the cake wrappers is Alison Bundle's work (she was also having tea!!) - fantastic animal sculptures and fabulous person. Now all I need is to eat some of the cakes.....

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